Looking for a new and creative party idea? Let SIMPLY CREATIVE bring the party to you.

 How does it work? All parties include pottery, paints, instruction, firing, glazing and delivery. Each artist gets to choose a party animal figurine from our selection

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Pottery Painting

 Pottery painting at the studio can be enjoyed by all ages! The paint we use is non-toxic . The paint we use comes right off with water so, there’s no concerns with the staining of clothing or skin.You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create a unique one-of-a-kind pottery piece. You start by sponging you piece with a damp sponge to ensure it’s clean before painting and it’s important for you to keep your hands clean as grease of oil will cause the paint not to stick well to the bisque during the firing process to turn your creation to ceramic. For solid colour coverage make sure to apply 3 coats of paint. The paint is water-based and dries quickly. The paint being water-based makes for easy clean-up and if you make a mistake while creating, no worries! Most mistakes can be easily fixed with a damp cotton swab, sponge or scraping tool and you won’t be able to tell there was ever a mistake made when you get the finished project back. 

Unique Gifts

 Weather its a birthday gift, Wedding, New baby or just because these  gifts are special due to very fact they were made by you and they are a one of a kind. Come on in and lets get Simply Creative. 

One of a Kind gifts

Don't know what to get your favorite teacher? How about a unique piece of painted pottery by their favorite student. OR here's an idea if the whole class got together and got your teacher a dinner plate with each students finger prints and the class year. The ideas are endless.

From the Heart

What's better than "made with love" pieces for special occasions. Show them you love them with a unique from the heart personalized gift.

Personalized Wedding Gift

Another toaster? How about a gift made by you for the new Mr and Mrs. The possibilities are endless with an imagination and being a bit Simply Creative you can make a beautiful personalized gift.  

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